After experiencing water damage from flooding, burst pipes, or sewage in Onalaska, WI, your home will likely also experience mold damage. Rather than allowing mold to grow unchecked, take the time to interfere with mold growth and immediately remediate it from your home.

When going through the process of mold remediation, there are four important steps to closely follow. Through using these steps, you’ll successfully be able to identify types of mold while also working towards mold remediation. So, let’s get started!

Mold Containment: After successfully identifying the types of mold growing within your home, work to keep mold localized. If mold is left alone and allowed to continue growing, it’ll likely spread to other areas of your home.

Mold Death: Now, it’s time to kill that nasty mold! Using techniques and procedures specific to your type of mold, tackle the beast head-on. With the right approach, the mold should completely die and stop thriving within your home.

Mold Removal: Get those troublesome bits of dead mold out of your home as quickly as possible. Even dead spores can be dangerous and can cause illness to you and your family. Make sure to safely and carefully remediate all types of dead mold from within your home quickly!

Mold Protection: Stop further mold growth within your home. When water damage is not properly treated, moisture can remain, allowing mold to colonize. If you experience water damage or any excess moisture in your home, make sure it is properly cleaned and dried.

Following these four steps towards mold remediation will allow your home and family to return to a safe, clean home quickly and efficiently in Onalaska, WI. Although you may be able to handle these steps alone, hiring a high-quality professional will ensure that the work gets done right the first time. Give our professionals a call today to begin the process of mold remediation!