One of our specialized services in the La Crosse, WI area is fire damage restoration after a home suffersa fire tragedy. Our expertly trained technicians can be on site quickly to begin the process of soot andsmoke removal and other restoration services such as water extraction. However, the impact of a fire and the trauma it causes can linger even after all traces of the fire damage restoration is complete. ServiceMaster Restoration Services wants to remind you that unlike a physical illness, emotional distress can be harder to gaugeHere are some measures to take even after your home has been restored to pre-loss condition:

  • Monitor children’s behavior closely. The loss of security after a house fire is very real for many kids. They may be clingy or fretful, or have sleeping issues. Including them in home safety checks or having them speak to authority figures (policeman, fireman) can help alleviate these fears.
  • Give yourself some grace. A home is your sanctuary and security. Losing items can be very emotional, and the feelings of your world being turned upside down may last for longer than you think. Until life seems to be getting back on track, avoid major life decisions such as taking a new job.
  • Review your home safety plan. While there is no 100% fool proof way to avoid home fires, you can be sure that your home has the most uptodate smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Have a home safety plan in place in the event of a fire that your family knows by heart. This measure of planning can make you feel more in control.
  • If you are still feeling undo stress months later, seek help. The recovery process is different for everyone, and if you still fell like your life and world is not on track and you can’t seem to deal with it, professional help should be sought. Talking it out with a trained professional can give you coping mechanisms to get through the grief.

For many homeowners in La Crosse, ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration has been instrumental in fire damage restoration services as well as the repair process after they’ve experienced a house fire. We are committed to the health of your home and understand how difficult it is to go through this life event. For more information about how we can help, contact our trained and empathetic staff at (608738-6199 or (507457-3003.