When it comes to managing your finances this year, have you considered how much to save up in case of emergency? Although you may have a backup plan for various incidences, such as robberies or job layoffs, it’s also important to consider saving up to save your Onalaska, WI, home. While your home insurance will probably cover most of the cost if your home is damaged, depending on your policy, you may still have to cover some of the costs. The average deductible for fire damage ranges between $1,000-2,500. For more expensive homes, the deductible can be a percentage of the home’s value. Also, if a disaster leaves your home uninhabitable, you’ll want money saved up to provide accommodations for your family until your home is restored.

It’s important to understand the costs that go into damage restoration, so you can plan appropriately. In the case of a fire, fire damage restoration tends to be priced based on the type of damage you experience. Here are a few common types of fire damage you may experience within your home, categorized by highest to lowest price!

Soot Removal: Depending on the type of soot removal your home needs, this process often costs upwards of $2,000. This is because soot is difficult to remove, especially from upholstered items or carpeting, and needs to be treated immediately after your home experiences fire damage. There are two types of soot to keep an eye on: dry and oily. Each of these requires special treatment, including specific types of alkali-based detergents depending on the soot’s composition. Hire a professional to help you through this difficult restoration process!

Smoke Damage: Smoke damage generally costs between hundreds and thousands of dollars, depending on what you need. If your home needs to be fully deodorized, meaning odors need to be removed from all textiles and furniture in your home, this process gets pricey. When budgeting for deodorizing smoke damage, also consider the size of your home and amount of fabric inside.

Fire Safety: Fire disaster preparation is significantly less expensive than fire damage restoration! Fire extinguisher kits cost approximately $50, whereas fire detectors cost just ten dollars each. Sprinklers are priced by square footage but cost less than paying for the water damage experienced by a house fire!

When it comes to paying for fire damage restoration in Onalaska, WI, think preventative. Invest in cautionary measures today in order to save tomorrow. And, for all of your fire damage restoration needs and questions, give the professionals at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration a call today!