In Winona, Minnesota, and across the United States, there is one popular culture queen when it comes to preparing and hosting holiday events: Martha Stewart. Whether your family idolizes her idyllic approach to holiday decorating, or scorns it with statements like “Well, I’m no Martha Stewart!”, it’s hard to get through the season without hearing her name at least once.

Although many associate Martha with time consuming but delicious recipes, or beautiful but occasionally over-the-top décor, she also has a few important tips about carpet maintenance to consider this season. Here’s what Martha has to say about cleaning and preparing your carpets for the upcoming holidays:

  • Clean Up Quickly: Especially if your pets have had an accident on the carpet, make sure to get it cleaned up as quickly as possible. Martha recommends that you begin by blotting the effected area, and then apply a mixture of clear dishwashing soap and water to the carpet stain. If the stain has dried, depending on the type of carpet, an enzymatic cleaner can be used.
  • Remove Ghosts of Furniture Past: Did you rearrange the furniture to accommodate a larger number of holiday guests, only to realize the furniture left carpet marks? Get rid of these indentations by placing ice cubes inside the dents. As the fiber absorbs the water, it will swell, and the dents will disappear!
  • Get Rid of Stains: Red wine and sweet potatoes are wonderful, unless they slip onto your white carpet! Martha recommends that, when tending to stains, you start with a white cotton or paper towel. Colorful rags may further stain the carpet! Always blot dry, use dishwashing liquid and water, and do not saturate. This should keep your carpets looking as good as new!

Although these tips may be helpful for minor spills on your carpets this holiday season in Winona, MN, there are certain carpet disasters not even Martha can handle. For all your deep carpet cleaning needs, and for tougher jobs that require a little more than blotting and dish soap, contact the ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services professionals today at (507) 457-3003!