In the La Crosse, Wisconsin, area, folks are familiar with the term “floodplain.” The region has historically been at risk for flooding due to its close proximity to the Mississippi River, La Crosse River, and Black River. Although it’s frightening to consider the implications of living in an area at risk for flooding, the City of La Crosse is currently trying to find a better way to care for residents living in or near the floodplain in order to avoid water and flood damage.

As of July 21, 2016, here are a few ways the City of La Crosse is planning to protect residents from the risk of flood damage:

Cause for Inspection: Unfortunately, the high price of flood insurance is causing property value in La Crosse to rapidly decrease. For the safety of residents, and to improve the property value within the area, the city has made protecting against flood and water damage a priority for the year 2016.

Reimbursed Reinforcement: The city has approved a program to reimburse homeowners for fifty percent of their home improvements to prevent flood damage, up to $20,000 per home. This might include raising a home off the ground or installing a retaining wall to protect against floods and water damage.

Mitigated Insurance: At the moment, the cost of flood insurance in La Crosse is high. With these new improvements, some homeowners whose houses are high enough on the floodplain may have the option to mitigate the cost of their insurance. Currently, the flat rate is $1,000 each year for every person within the flooding zone, but mitigation could lower that by up to $800.

Stay Tuned: More information about these updates will be available soon!

Flood damage is an unfortunate reality in the La Crosse, WI, area. Although there are upcoming changes for assistance and flood protection, the professionals at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services are here to help with all of your current needs regarding water damage clean up and restoration. Contact us today!