The folks at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services are here to help folks in Sparta, WI, when it comes to all types of major disasters including flooding, fire, storm damage, and any other type of damage that impacts your home.

Although you might not think about your carpets in the midst of a disastrous situation, after the water recedes or the fire is extinguished, you’ll need to consider what’s underfoot. Here are the different ways to prep for cleanup after different types of carpet disasters:

  • Water Damaged Carpet: Start by circulating the air! Make sure to throw open windows and doors to allow for air flow, turn on as many fans as possible, and utilize a dehumidifier or two! By tackling this quickly and working to dry out your carpeting, you’ll be able to start the carpet cleaning process sooner than later and prevent mold growth
  • Fire Damaged Carpet: Fire damaged carpet is usually also water damaged due to the water used to extinguish the fire, resulting in a carpet that is both singed and soaked. Aside from the water, soot is the first thing that needs to be thoroughly removed from the fibers. This substance can be oily and stain carpets in the long-term
  • Smoke Damaged Carpet: Smoke damage usually requires the use of potent chemical products and cleaners in order to be most effective. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is recommended to ensure the smoke, residues, and odors they create are completely removed and kept out of your carpets for good

After experiencing any type of disaster in Sparta, WI, ensure that your home is safe from top to bottom. The professionals at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services know how to make that happen, and we’re here to keep you and your family safe. Give us a call for your professional carpet cleaning needs today!