Hearing about or, worse, experiencing a fire in Winona, MN, is truly frightening. Since 2013, there have been a number of incidents around town requiring fire damage restorationleaving residents curious about city safety and fire prevention.

For those folks living in the Winona area, these are important things to know. Here’s what you need to know about recent fires in the Winona, MN, area, including important information about fire damagerestoration once the flames have died down and smoke has cleared:

Which fires have most recently occurred?

In 2013, the Winona Islamic Center caught fire and damaged a few nearby buildings, including Blooming Grounds Coffeehouse. In 2015, both KidSport Gymnastics and East 3rd Walnut Street caught fire.

What is causing these fires?

The first fire was proven to be electrical, but the origins of the other two fires have not been determined. Some believe that the lack of a fire inspector, whose position was cut in 2009, may have contributed to the fires. Had there been a greater number of inspections, it may have reduced the number of fires and amount of necessary fire damage restoration in Winona.

How can we prevent these fires in the future?

As part of the fire damage restoration and fire prevention efforts in Winona, MN, the assistant chief of fire prevention announced the department would increase their overall inspections each year. Hopefully, this action will reduce the number of fires in the Winona area.

Although all of these Winona, MN, area fires occurred in older buildings, the chief of fire prevention assured citizens that these buildings are just as safe as newer onesIt’s due to their size, materials, and historical significance that these types of buildings tend to experience larger fires and require more restoration services.

For old and new buildings alike, if you have experienced a fire in the Winona, MN, area, there are resources available to help you. For all your fire damage restoration needs, contact the professionals at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services today!