After experiencing fire and smoke damage to your commercial carpets in La Crosse, WI, it’s important to get back to business as soon as possible. Although holes, water damage, burn marks, or odor may seem like impossible barriers at the moment, there are a number of ways to ensure you’re going to have safe, clean carpets again.

Ready to move forward from your smoke or fire damage? Start with your carpets. Here’s exactly how to begin:

  1. Stop Damage: Even if there’s been substantial damage to your carpets, there are ways to keep it from spreading. Circulate air by opening windows, turning on fans, and opening doors to get the carpets dried out as quickly as possible
  2. Protect Furniture: If you have desks, office chairs, or other pieces of furniture in contact with your damaged carpet, take a moment to keep it safe. That means wrapping wooden legs in aluminum foil and moving pieces into non-damaged spaces. Follow up by covering non-damaged furniture with plastic to keep it from also suffering damage
  3. Consult Professionals: Carpet cleaning after fire or smoke damage can be intimidating, time consuming, and frustrating. A professional cleaner knows how to assess the damage, correctly treat your carpet, and move forward in a safe, efficient way. Rather than risking it or guessing how to fix your floors, call a professional and get the job done correctly

The professionals at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services know exactly how to help your commercial carpets after fire damage in La Crosse, WI. If you feel ready to take the first step towards carpet restoration and for your business to move forward, give us a call. Treating and restoring fire and smoke damaged carpeting isn’t a job for amateurs or a time to rent a DIY carpet cleaning machine and hope you’re doing the job correctly. We’re here to professionally, expertly, and patiently serve you and your commercial business today with the best carpet cleaning services available in the industry!