Winter weather events are a serious business in Onalaska, WI. With snow, ice, sleet, and slush taking over the landscape, it’s easy to remember safety while we’re outdoors. Have you considered, however, how to stay safe inside?

Major weather events during the wintertime can result in home damage or flooding, which damage your home and especially your flooring. To keep your home safe and carpets damage free this winter season, make sure to understand exactly what kind of weather is headed your direction!

Uncertain how to differentiate weather patterns from one another? Let’s take a look!

Winter Weather Advisory: A winter weather advisory means that within a twelve-hour period, between three to five inches of snow is likely to accumulate. To protect your floors and carpets from advisory-level damage, invest in some quality floor mats to stomp off the excess snow!

Winter Storm Warning: This slightly more intensive warning means that a significant sleet, ice, or snowstorm is rolling in. Generally, this warning means eight inches of snowfall over the course of 24 hours. To protect your carpets from this type of weather event, ensure that your floors are free from cracks or leaks.

Wind Chill Warning: Wind chill warnings are a more intensive version of wind chill advisories and mean the temperature is 35 degrees below zero with wind chill. It’s advised that folks stay inside during these conditions and, in order to keep yourself and your home safe, keep taps running and heaters running. This will keep your pipes from freezing or bursting in extreme cold and will protect your home, walls, floors, and carpets from severe damage!

Understanding the differences between winter weather events in Onalaska, WI, will help you to keep your home and carpets safe this season. Rather than simply hoping everything will be alright, take the necessary steps to stay safe, warm, and damage free!

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