Especially when kicking off a new year, no one in the Sparta, Wisconsin area likes a dirty piece of furniture! Whether removing new and nasty holiday stains or cleaning disaster damaged furniture, you deserve a clean, fresh living space!

Although there are many ways to tend to your furniture this January, it’s important to first understand what type of upholstery you may own. Before we start scrubbing, let’s take a moment to learn about the types of fabric or upholstery in your home:

Chenille: Named for the French word for “caterpillar,” this fabric is both soft and practical. Chenille is often used on comfy pieces of furniture such as large sofas or easy chairs, and also works well on upholstered accent pieces.

Cotton: Usually blended with polyester or linen, cotton is a strong fabric with the ability to serve many purposes around your home. Couches, seat covers, or festive pillows made of cotton are typically strong and resistant to stretching.

Leather: Different types of leather serve different purposes. Full grain leather is the thickest and strongest, whereas split leather is made of the underside of an animal hide. If true leather isn’t your style, faux leather is made of an eco-friendly vinyl and offers increased breathability.

Velvet: Consisting of a thick material with soft, luscious texture, velvet can be either natural or synthetic. Although this type of upholstery is festive on accent pieces, it can be incredibly difficult to clean.

There are a number of different types of upholstered fabrics in your Sparta, WI home, which means a number of different cleaning styles and techniques when it comes to removing stains. Rather than taking the time to learn how to clean each type of upholstered surface in your home, why not entrust a professional?

The friendly, efficient, and thorough technicians at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services are here to save the day! For all your professional upholstery cleaning needs, contact us today.