After experiencing fire damage in your Winona, MN home, it’s hard to know where to begin recovery. From treating water damage and removing damaged furniture to repairing structural damage and eliminating smoke odors, there’s a lot on your plate.

Soot removal may seem like a good place to begin, however, this process is best left to professionals. Here are just a few fast facts about the soot removal process:

What is soot?

Soot is composed of small, airborne particles of carbon. Soot often adheres to surfaces within your home because these surfaces are cooler than the fire source. Although it looks harmless, soot is a serious threat to your respiratory system.

Are there different types of soot?

Depending on the materials that burned, there are different types of soot. For example, inorganic materials and organic materials burn differently, which produces differently sized particles within smoke, different odors, and different types of soot residue.

What are the dangers of soot exposure?

Due to the airborne nature of soot, it’s first and foremost an irritant. Soot irritates skin when it makes direct contact and irritates lung tissue when inhaled. The long-term effects of soot exposure are unclear, but due to the uncertainty of this damage, it’s always best to exercise caution!

What can I do to protect myself from soot?

The easiest way to remain safe is to avoid smoke damage and soot altogether. Don’t enter a home after a fire unless you have approval from a local fire department or other professional, and when you do enter the home, wear appropriate protective clothing and a filtration mask.

Rather than attempting to address soot removal and risking personal health in Winona, MN, take the time to research a high-quality professional. The folks at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services are here to help with all of your fire damage restoration needs, including soot removal. For immediate assistance, give us a call today!