In the Winona, Minnesota area, there are bodies of water everywhere! Whether going for a stroll between the lakes, or gazing at the river from the Boathouse, the Island City offers lots of aquatic retreats. Though these water sources provide many wonderful photo opportunities and outdoor adventuresthey also provide a less than wonderful complication- flooding.

Although the professionals at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services are experts at water damage restoration and cleaning and provide services to those affected by flooding in the Winona area, the city is making its own strides towards safety. Thanks to a recent move towards levee accreditation, the need for water damage restoration will hopefully be reduced as a more structurally sound levee will reduce flooding near the Mississippi river. Here are a few quick facts about the accreditation process:

First Steps: Levee accreditation was introduced and required by the U.S. government in 2005 following the events of Hurricane Katrina. It’s meant to require cities to understand the quality of the levees they have in place. The City of Winona recently voted to take the first step in this process, which is an inspection and evaluation of the existing structure.

Levee Water Damage Restoration: If the initial evaluation and assessment results in the discovery of problems within the levee, the city plans to take action! They may have some water damage restoration of their own to address, depending on the damage sustained by the levee over the past years, and will find funding to prevent future flooding.

Meeting the Deadline: There’s an accreditation application deadline set for November of 2017. Phase two of the project, or restoring the levee, means having this application ready to go!

Although the levee accreditation project is an exciting step towards increased safety in the Winona, MNarea, there are still many months between now and November, 2017. If flooding does occur in Winona, folks will need professional help to handle their personal water damage restoration.

The professionals at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services hope your home remains safe through floods. However, we are here when you and your home need help most. For all of your needs related to water damage restoration, contact ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services today.