Although spring and summer bring sunshine, shorts and t-shirts, and beach trips, these seasons also bring fire hazards to the Onalaska, WI area. Between outdoor bonfires and lightning strikes, indoor candles and barbecues, there are a number of ways that a fire can start near or around your home.

Rather than being caught off guard by a fire, it’s important to know about fire risks near your home. Here’s what to look out for:

Backyard: You may be at an increased risk of fire if your backyard is near a bush, scrub, grassland, or large park areas. During the summer heat, these areas are highly prone to fire if they become dry. To prevent fire, make sure to routinely clear dry grass from areas within three yards of your home.

Area: If you live in an area bordering a forest, or another heavily timbered area, make sure to reduce fire risk nearby. Clean gutters often, and also store flammable items farther away from your home. Check to make sure you have hoses and buckets nearby, just in case lightning were to strike a tree!

Home Occupants: If you have young, elderly, or disabled persons living in your home, it’s especially important to make an action plan in case of fire. Do you and your family have a meeting place? Have you placed important documents in a fireproof safe? Taking these precautions before a fire actually damages your home can make a huge difference!

Damage: In order to be especially prepared for damage, take the time to find helpful resources. Contact the local fire department to investigate fire risks in your area, and take the time to research fire damage clean up resources before you need them. That way, you’ll know exactly who to call if fire damages your home.

Preparing for summertime fire damage is important in the Onalaska, WI area. When you take the time to plan and put preventative measures in place, you won’t be taken by surprise by a fire. That includes calling the fire damage clean up professionals at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration services. You don’t have to feel helpless, just give our professional cleaners a call today!