Although the return of a certain fictional clown this fall gave us a few reasons to fear sewage systems in Winona, MN, and across the United States, there are other, more common frightening disasters lurking in your sewer system!

Though you’re not likely to find a clown down there, you’re unfortunately likely to find a lot of common problems that lead to a sewage backup and water damage. Before a terrifying disaster strikes, however, let’s take a look at a few preventative measures to take before experiencing serious sewer water damage.

Raise the Drain: Older drains are often imbedded within unfinished basement floors. If you experience sewer backups, however, this may not be the most effective manner in which to drain excess water from your home. The best solution is often raising the drain a few inches off the ground. Although this makes the drain more visible, it can be more effective in an emergency situation.

Install a Check Valve: Sewer check valves are flaps installed on the inside of a drain unit. It’ll close with the presence of backwater, which could save your home from a lot of water damage! These valves do require routine cleaning, at least once every six months, but this cleaning can be handled without a professional.

Invest in a Flood Gate Valve: Flood gate valves are extremely effective at stopping and blocking sewer water from entering your home. Although these are a pricy option, they’ll make sure your house stays safe!

When it comes to defending your Winona, MN, home from sewer water damage, there are a number of different options to consider. Whether you feel strongly about one solution, or need a professional consult before selecting, the professionals at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration are here to help you. Give us a call for help in preventing sewer water damage today!