There are a number of reasons to clean your residential carpets this spring in the La Crosse, WI area, but it’s especially necessary if you’ve recently experienced fire or smoke damage. If your carpets remain intact but still smell or look like they’re damaged, it’s important to invest in a quality clean.

Why is it necessary to remove smoke damage from your residential carpets? Here are just a few of the many reasons:

  • Damage Moves Fast: Though it may not immediately look like your carpets have experienced smoke damage, soot can settle into the fibers. This causes discoloration and acidic soot staining, which a professional carpet cleaning can prevent. Over time, the amount of damage only increases as more soot settles in
  • Keep Safe: Rather than rushing into the damaged area alone, make sure to keep your safety the first priority. Additionally, hiring a professional cleaner and inspector will ensure that your carpets are handled properly and safely, rather than running the risk of doing it yourself
  • Proper Procedure: Following the proper procedure when cleaning carpeted spaces will increase their life and quality, while making certain your home remains safe. Hiring a professional cleaner who understands how to properly clean smoke will increase the chances of saving and maintaining your carpets
  • Other Spaces: If your residential carpets have experienced smoke damage, it’s likely other areas are damaged as well. After examining the safety of your structure, make certain to scrub down walls, launder blankets and furniture covers, and wash other surfaces that might have been touched by damage

Residential carpet cleaning in the La Crosse, WI area is always important, and even more so after fire or smoke damage strikes your home. Trust the professionals at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration for all your residential carpet cleaning needs. Contact us today!