Cleaning up fire damage is serious business in the La Crosse, WI area. In the midst of ensuring your own safety, evaluating the safety of your home, and recovering damaged or burned objects, there’s one remnant of fire that’s hard to handle: odor.

Smoke odor remains long after the fire has been extinguished and is oftentimes dependent on multiple factors. Before diving into smoke odor removal, first take the time to evaluate the level of the smoke odor intensity:

  • Exposure Length: Smoke odor intensity depends on the amount of time the fire and smoke filled your home. If the fire lasted for multiple hours, or even days, this will make smoke odor removal especially challenging
  • Room Size: Although it may seem that smoke may cause more damage within a larger space, smoke trapped within a smaller room is far more concentrated. That means it’ll likely be more intense, and more difficult to remove
  • Fire Size: As one might guess, smaller fires produce less smoke. In terms of odor, less smoke often, but not always, means less damage
  • Burned Materials: So much of odor removal depends on which materials burned during the fire. If primarily wood burned, it will result in a much different odor than if the majority of the items burned were made of plastic. Different types of items burned result in different types of odors

Odor removal is a challenge in La Crosse, WI, especially if the fire was large, long, concentrated, or composed of certain materials. Rather than trying to figure out how to remove these odors yourself, why not enlist the help of trained professionals?

The folks at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services know exactly how to evaluate and remove smoke odor from your fire damaged home. Eliminate the guesswork from smoke odor removal and give us a call at (608) 783-6199 for all your post-fire damage restoration needs today!