There are a number of sources for water damage during the summertime in the La Crescent, Minnesota area. Between leaky household appliances and summer storms, river floods, and overflowing bathtubs, it’s important to be conscious of where the water is coming from, and how to remove water from inside your home.

When it comes to water removal, the process isn’t always so easy. Fortunately, the professionals at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services can help with all your water removal needs, including:

Encouraging Safety: Standing water often leads to mold, and professionals know how to successfully identify and remove mold without risking you or your family’s health. A professional will ensure that the correct precautionary measures are taken around your household!

Locating Leaks: Professionals know exactly how to trace water buildup back to the source. Although sometimes water leaks are a fluke or include sudden changes in outdoor weather, they can also sometimes lead back to a broken pipe or faulty household appliance.

Draining Water: Our professional cleaners know how to remove water buildup! Using our professional experience and professional grade instruments, we’ll make sure that your home is both safe and dry by the time we leave.

Reducing Moisture: After the initial water is removed, professionals know how to ensure that additional moisture does not collect around the area. Oftentimes, a few simple changes around your home, or with your appliances, can reduce the risk of further water damage or moisture buildup!

Water removal is a challenging process in the La Crescent, Minnesota area, but professional cleaners know exactly how to take care of your household! If you have recently experienced any kind of water damage, whether from an appliance or a summer storm, it’s important to remove that excess water as soon as possible.

Ready to remove water from your home? Contact the professionals at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services today!