There are a number of hazards that can threaten the carpets in your Onalaska, Wisconsin area business this January. Between dirty shoes and coffee spills, unexpected blizzards and intense ice storms, there are a number of different types of damage that can befall your office’s carpet quality.

Sometimes, however, improper cleaning can cause just as much damage as outside threats and inside spills. Although some of these types of damage are more obvious than others, let’s take a look at the most likely causes of commercial carpet damage after an improper cleaning:

  • Shrinkage: When a carpet is handled improperly, or becomes severely wet after an inadequate cleaning or weather emergency, the carpet can sometimes shrink. Rather than risking a subpar clean followed by additional shrinking, entrust your carpet cleaning to the experts at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services and avoid a potential commercial carpet disaster.
  • Wicking: This appears as dirty carpet tips and occurs after a poor carpet cleaning is performed. Wicking usually indicates only a portion of the carpet was properly cleaned, and it’ll likely need to be cleaned again once or twice. It’s best to entrust an experienced professional to handle carpet wicking problems.
  • Rapid Soiling: This phenomenon occurs after a carpet has been improperly cleaned. If the incorrect products are used, they can actually attract dirt particles to the carpet. Either switching cleaning products or entrusting the process to a professional cleaner can resolve rapid soiling.

With so many factors threatening the carpets in your business this January in the Onalaska, WI area, why risk a subpar cleaning? The professionals at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services know how to properly take care of your business carpets while making certain they’ll stay clean for a good, long time. If you have questions about business carpet cleaning and care, or would like to make an appointment, contact us today!