April means taxes in La Crescent, MN, so you already have money on your mind! Rather than just hoping you have enough saved, why not use this month as an opportunity to budget? Creating an emergency fund is important, especially when it comes to protecting your home.

With April showers bringing May flowers this spring, it’s especially important to budget for potential water damage this time of year. Here is how much money you’ll need to save, no matter what type of damage you experience:

Burst Pipes or Leaks:

Although this type of water damage is the most common, it’s also the most preventable. Leaky plumbing and burst pipes are often the result of inattention because pipes are allowed to freeze or weaken over time. Preventing this type of water damage means yearly plumbing inspections, which cost approximately $300. Otherwise, installing new plumbing entirely will likely run closer to $1000.


There are a number of different ways moisture can seep into basement areas—all of which come with a different price tag. For example, an inch of water leakage is much less expensive to repair than a few feet of sewage backup! While this type of water damage is also often preventable with inspections, if you have already experienced flooding, the cost can be significant. Because flooding scenarios vary, call us for an estimate.

Mold Remediation:

Extracting mold from your home is challenging, which also means it’s expensive! The best way to prevent mold is with professional assistance or regular, do-it-yourself checks. For example, clear out your gutters, landscape intentionally, and spend $50 on a downspout extension. Otherwise, if mold has already spread extensively throughout your home, you could be facing a serious bill. If you do find mold in your home, contact us for an estimate.

Although saving enough money to address water damage in the La Crescent, Minnesota area may seem overwhelming, don’t fret yet. The folks at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration know how to handle all types of water damage and will work with your insurance company to create a payment plan that works for you.

For any water damage around your home this April, give our professionals a call today!