Spring is just around the corner in the La Crosse, WI, area, which means the snow is melting, birds are chirping, and your carpets need cleaning! After the cold winter months, full of snowy and muddy boots tromping across carpeted spaces, it’s important to make sure your carpets are ready for springtime.

Although there are a number of tips and tricks for you to use at home with your carpets, like using vacuums or store bought cleaning products, hiring a professional is the most reliable approach after a long, hard winter. Here’s what ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services can do for your carpet cleaning this spring:

Avoid Replacement: Although it may be tempting to just rip up your smelly, dirty carpet and start fresh, removing and replacing carpet and padding can cost thousands of dollars. Instead, save money and avoid carpet replacement by entrusting our professional cleaning crew to refresh and renew your carpets!

Remove Spots: Now that you’ve decided to keep your carpets, you’ll definitely want to be rid of those nasty looking spots, stains, and filthy high traffic areas! The professionals at ServiceMaster know how to diagnose a stain and which fibers respond best to which cleaning products. Rather than guessing how to get that mud out of the living room, or trying a number of different store bought cleaners in the hallway, why not let a professional do the scrubbing?

Demolish Damage: Carpets damaged by smoke or water during the cold winter months are no match for our professional cleaners. Most folks don’t know how to get water damaged carpet back to it’s original sheen, or how to make smoke damaged carpet smell fresh again. A professional eye and specialized treatments are best to thoroughly remove severe carpet damage.

Looking to start fresh this spring in La Crosse, WI? As the world outside prepares for springtime, make sure your indoor spaces keep up. Contact the professional carpet cleaners at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services today!