Summer is officially here in Winona, MN which means it’s time for the Midwest storm season. We’re no strangers to severe weather in Winona, MN. Heavy rain, thunderstorms, tornadoes, flash floods, and hail can cause serious storm damage to your home or business. Typically when we think of summer we think of warm weather, but it can also bring harsh weather, sometimes leading to severe storms. There are a few ways we can reduce these threats to our properties and even avoid possible injuries.

A few tips from Nationwide on how you can reduce storm damage to your property:

  • Clear limbs and trim trees near your home: During a storm, dead limbs and trees can get loose and cause damage to your home or even puncture a window or the roof. Heavy rain can also cause trees with shallow root systems to pull out of the ground.
  • Secure any loose items in your yard: Strong winds can cause loose items such as furniture and large toys to end up as projectiles and cause exterior damage to your home. It’s recommended to anchor any patio furniture or bring it inside before a storm strikes.
  • Clear all gutters, downpipes, or drains: Help prevent damage inside your home by having downspouts drain away from your property and clear gutters of any debris.
  • Secure fences: Ensure that your fences are secured to help prevent them from being lifted up and thrown against the house by strong winds.
  • Know your policy: Make sure to read and fully understand your insurance policy. Also, examine your property and make sure there are no physical or liability hazards present.

Before or after the storm, ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services is here for you. We offer water and flood damage restoration and reconstruction services to help mitigate your home or business. Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our team of experts will be on site immediately to help when you need us the most.

For more on how to prepare for a variety of severe weather situations, you can also visit the Insurance Institute for Better Homes & Safety website.