Every part of your home experiences water damage after a disaster in La Crosse, WI, including your carpets. Rather than simply guessing how to address the issues that result from this damage, take the time to ask yourself one valuable question: should you replace or repair your carpets?

Fortunately, the folks at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration know exactly how to address this question. Let’s take a look, and get you started:


If your carpet experienced minor staining as a result of uncontaminated water damage, and these stains were promptly addressed and dried out, consider a cleaning or repair. Hiring a professional company will confirm whether a quality cleaning is enough for your carpet or whether the damage is simply surface level.


Carpets submerged in water for over 24 hours should be replaced. Oftentimes, even if the water is considered clean or uncontaminated, the padding can’t be saved after an extended period of time. Rather than allowing mold to grow underneath your damaged carpets, invest in new carpet!


Speaking of water quality, any type of water damage from sewage or flooding means the carpet needs to be replaced. These types of water are generally full of bacteria, which is impossible to fully extract from a carpet. In this situation, carpets and paddings are likely to develop mold, which is better to keep out of your home.

Different types of water damage require different approaches to carpet cleaning in La Crosse, WI. When deciding whether to repair or replace, start out by assessing the situation, and then consult a professional for their opinion. Years of experience have made our cleaners experts in determining whether to save or scrap carpeting!

Ready to figure out the next step for your water-damaged carpeting? Give the folks at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration a call today!