Remember when your floors shined, your tiles sparkled and your carpets radiated with color? We do too. For more than 60 years, ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services has provided floor cleaning services as well as upholstery cleaning, and more for homeowners, renters and anyone who wants their home to look and feel its best in La Crosse, Onalaska, Winona, and the surrounding communities.

We discuss your needs to develop and implement our cleaning services, meeting your specific demands and your schedule. More importantly, we do what we say we’re going to do and follow up with you to confirm your complete satisfaction.


No one likes the look or smell of a dirty carpet, but not everyone realizes that regular carpet cleaning also prolongs the life of the carpet. And if your carpeting has been damaged by water, fire or smoke it needs specialized care. ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services has expert technicians that are well versed in cleaning all carpet types for both residential and commercial cleaning as well as restoration services for carpeting damaged by forces of nature.


Over time, tile floors and surfaces lose their shine and luster. Scrubbing and mopping do not generally yield the results needed for a deep clean. Because grout is porous and absorbs all the dirt and debris on it, mopping only removes surface soil and not the embedded dirt that causes the grout to become dull. ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services can restore tile and grout to a better clean. Our grout-sealing product helps maintain the cleaned grout for months and makes your regular home maintenance more effective.


Upholstered furnishings can soil quickly. But what about the dirt you can’t see? Upholstery collects contaminants such as dead skin cells, oils, and dust that are invisible to the naked eye. Removing invisible contaminants can’t be done with just a vacuum. At ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services, we provide professional upholstery cleaning that’s safe for most kinds of fabrics and removes stains and spots. We’ll refresh and revitalize dirty, stained couches, love seats and chairs with in-home furniture upholstery cleaning using proven methods and equipment.