If your home or business has suffered a loss due to an Onalaska, WI fire damage, you need fast and professional service to help mitigate loss. The timing on this is crucial, as fire damage continues well after the flames and smoke are abated.

Onalaska, WI Fire damage restoration services are critical to preventing devastating loss of property or possessions. Within minutes of the fire appliances and any items that are plastic or compounds will discolor, acid from the flames can stain tiling and flooring. Within days walls can permanently discolor and rust can appear on glass, mirror, and fixtures.

As time goes on, the costs of remediation can skyrocket. ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services understand the nature of Onalaska, WI fire damage restoration and can help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our trained and IICRC certified restoration specialists will be on site quickly to get to work to restore the home or business to pre-loss condition. Using professional grade equipment, we can remove the soot and smoke damage, salvage furniture and possessions, and get rid of lingering odors.

Our services include but are not limited to: pack out and removal of any damaged items, removal of smoke and soot, debris removal and restoration and construction services.  During the restoration process, we can also provide tarping, board up services as well as barrier construction to keep out vandals during the restore.  All of our services work together seamlessly to help bring your home or business back to pre-loss condition as soon as possible after the tragedy.

During this difficult time, restoration can seem overwhelming and you may feel at a loss as to what to do next. Trust the experts at ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services to do what we are trained to do best, fire damage restoration. We can guide you through the process and help restore your home or business.

What are the common types of fires that can occur in Onalaska, WI?

  • Protein Fire
    Food from the oven or stove has burned, leaving strong burnt food odors and smoke residue on contents and surfaces.
  • Complex Fire
    Multiple natural and synthetic items inside your home have burned causing black smoke residue on contents and surfaces and synthetic smoke odors. Here, emergency corrosion mitigation is needed to protect at-risk surfaces.
  • Natural Fire
    Trees, shrubs, and bushes have burned and smoke has penetrated the structure from outside, so smoke residue and odor are present.
  • Furnace Malfunction
    Heating appliances such as oil-fired furnaces have malfunctioned and caused smoke to be distributed throughout the property.

Fire damage goes beyond burning items

  • Ash and smoke can continue to cause damage and corrosion to materials if they are left behind.
  • Odors from smoke will stay in a room or a home long after the fire and continue to cause problems if they are not removed.
  • In a few minutes, walls and other surfaces can be discolored.
  • In a few hours, finishes on kitchen appliances turn yellow.
  • Smoke causes etching in glass after just a short time, and smoke will tarnish metal quickly.

Not all fire damage is the same. Our fire restoration process is thorough and proven. It includes:

  • Identifying the source to determine the type of fire that occurred
  • Evaluating the areas that are wet as a result of firefighting that may need treatment
  • Remediating water damage (if any)
  • Evaluating sensitive materials that may be damaged as a result of smoke and soot particles
  • Removing contents from the home, including:
    – Collecting immediate items you may need for the next seven days such as clothing, prescriptions, toys, school books, business needs, etc
    – Packing out the remaining contents for cleaning and storage
  • Performing structural restoration, including:
    – Removing any charred contents that may seal in smoke such as insulation and burned wood
    – Evaluating carpets and floor coverings that may need to be removed
    – Inspecting the framing of the house and subfloors for safety
    – Treating affected surfaces for smoke odors and sealing to keep any leftover odors from leaking back into the house
  • Cleaning, eliminating odors and deodorizing surfaces to pre-loss condition
  • Returning items to the original location and helping to restore your normal life

Don’t try to do it yourself!

The residue left behind after a fire is a biohazard and can cause health problems if it is not taken care of correctly and thoroughly. You do not want to attempt to clean up your home on your own after a fire or you may cause more damage. Only experts with the right training and tools can assure the job is done properly.

Did you know that smoke continues to destroy your home and its contents even after the fire is out?

Smoke that has coated or penetrated surfaces continues to affect the chemical composition of fabrics, metals, walls, ceilings and even tiles. Count on us to handle every aspect of the smoke and soot removal as well as restore areas damaged by fire.

Who is responsible for paying for the work?

When you file an insurance claim, ServiceMaster Restore generally collects only the deductible amount from you before work begins, and bills the balance to your insurance provider as a service to you. If your project is not covered by insurance or you decide not to file a claim, a payment schedule must be agreed upon prior to the start of any non-insured work.

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