Some of the common problems of living in areas with a close proximity to the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River are the high humidity and often year-round precipitation. These heightened levels of moisture can easily infiltrate most buildings, leaving your home or business in danger of offering the perfect environment for mold growth. Buildings infected with mold colonies are considered sick and sometimes uninhabitable. Without immediate attention, these conditions can rapidly worsen. If you are struggling with mold infestations in your home or business, you can rely on ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services for professional mold mitigation in La Crosse, Onalaska, or Winona.

Mold spores are present virtually everywhere, both inside and outside. The real trouble with this situation begins when the right growing conditions are present for spores to thrive. For many species of mold, all that is necessary for growth is moisture, heat, and organic materials, and in many buildings these necessities are common.

In cases where mold has been allowed to grow out of hand and a regular cleaning doesn’t cut it, more serious measures must be taken to remove mold and prevent the compromise of the building’s integrity and the safety of those exposed.

For these cases, ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration sends expert technicians armed with state-of-the-art equipment and protocols outlined by the IICRC, the EPA, and professional industrial hygienists. Contact us today to speak with a ServiceMaster Disaster Restoration Services expert.

Our expert mold removal and mitigation services will always include:

  • Initial comprehensive site inspection
  • A written report of the building assessment
  • Ongoing communication with a connected industrial hygienist
  • Containment preventing cross-contamination to other areas
  • Cleaning of the affected structure
  • Cleaning of content and possessions
  • Cleaning of electronics
  • Cleaning of HVAC system and all ducts
  • Restoration of documents
  • Establishing humidity control
  • Complete fidelity to EPA & IICRC guidelines


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